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Tekmar 003 - 24V Relay (ac) Coil

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Tekmar 003 -  24V Relay (ac) Coil

This Tekmar Relay 003 is a 24 Volt (ac) coil DPDT (double pole double throw) relay that is used to isolate electrical loads and allow higher current ratings than the on board relays found on tekmar controls. It can be used in applications ranging from doubling the capability of a single output (e.g. energize a pump as well as provide a boiler demand from one output) to allowing a pump to be used that draws more than the control's specified relay rating. This product uses a 24 V (ac) coil that once energized, closes 2 normally open contacts, and opens 2 normally closed contacts.

Product Features:

  • LED to indicate when energized/powered
  • Isolate electrical loads
  • Test tab for easy test and manual override
  • Easy to replace (ice cube style - no need to remove wiring)
  • Double pole double throw relay (DPDT)
  • SKU: Tekmar 003

Product Specs: