CF2 - Rainfresh Chlorine Taste & Odour Reduction Filter Cartridge, 5 Micron | Plumbing Hub Canada

Rainfresh CF2 Chlorine Taste & Odour Reduction Filter Cartridge, 5 Micron.

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Rainfresh CF2 activated carbon filter cartridges are high performance activated carbon block filters, designed to economically reduce chlorine, taste and odour from potable water. CF2 filter cartridges are made from high quality activated carbon with a wide pore spectrum, for excellent real-world filtration performance.

Product Features:

  • 5 Micron Rating.
  • 2.65" x 9-3/4"
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 1 GPM.
  • Made of high quality activated carbon.
  • Block construction maximizes performance.
  • Highly effective, up to 99% in reduction of chlorine, taste and odours up to 1000 US Gal (3,785 litres)
  • Universal fit – can be used with most standard 10” filter housings.
Product Specs: