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Rainfresh CF1 Water Sediment Filter Cartridge, 5 Micron.

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Rainfresh CF1 sediment filter cartridge is specifically designed for general household applications where filtration of sediment and particulate matter (dirt, rust, algae etc.) is required. The CF1 filter cartridge is manufactured using a unique bead technology that results in a highly economical filter with excellent flow characteristics. The external surface is grooved to provide a higher surface area that results in better dirt holding characteristics and therefore, longer life of the cartridge.
Product Features:

  • Proprietary polybead technology for superior results
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop (< 5 psi)
  • 4-6 month life in most applications
  • Superior sealing prevents dirt bypass
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – fits most standard housings
  • 10″L x 2.6″ dia models
  • 5 Micron Rating
  • Universal Fit – Fits Rainfresh and most standard 10” filter housings

Product Specs: