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Bobrick B-826 Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser - Chrome

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Bobrick B-826 Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser in Chrome.
Touch-free sensor detects user's hand to automatically dispense controlled amount (0.8ml) of soap; activation range is 4" (100mm) from sensor lens. Bright-polished chrome spout cover dispenses 1000 handwashes per 800ml or 2000 handwashes per 1600ml OneShot® soap refills, requires 4 "D" Cell batteries (not included). Maximum countertop mounting thickness is 2" (50mm) and contains a spacer for use with sink rim 3/4" (19mm) or greater.
Product Features:
  • Spout Cover Assembly — Bright Polished chrome plated plastic with LED light indicators. Red blinking LED indicates soap level is low, Yellow blinking LED indicates battery life is low. Equipped with integral plastic shank.
  • Motor Assembly — Water resistant, plastic construction, fits onto bottom of shank and top of soap refill.
  • Battery Pack — Water resistant, plastic material, holds 4 Alkaline "D" Cell Batteries. Batteries are included in Model B-826.18 Starter Kit only. Average battery life is 100 soap refills or 2 years.
  • Soap Refill — OneShot® Soap Refill. Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene bottle. Includes new supply tube and pump mechanism in each refill. Soap refill available in 27-fl oz (800ml) and 54-fl oz (1600ml) capacities. One 27-fl oz (800ml) bottle of Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers is included in Model B-826.18 only. OneShot® is a registered trademark of Technical Concepts, LLC.
  • Optional Spacer — Plastic spacer is included for mounting dispenser when sink rim is ¾" (19mm)high or greater

Product Specs: