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Bobrick B-824 SureFlo Automatic Top Fill Bulk Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Bobrick B-824 SureFlo Automatic Top Fill Bulk Liquid Soap Dispenser.

Automatic, “touch-free” liquid dispenser minimizes cross contamination. Uses universal bulk liquid soaps for significant cost-in-use savings. “top fill “dispenser offers a unique portion control feature that optimizes patron satisfaction with operating budget. Available in a chrome finish for design continuity.

Product Features:

  • Spout and Stem Assembly — Above the counter, chrome plated ABS plastic spout. Unit equipped with a spring loaded 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism for top filling. Rotatable lid mechanism consists of metal components. Integrated to Spout are a grey plastic Dispense Tip and Activation Lens Housing. Stem connects to Bottle.
  • Soap Bottle — Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene. Capacity: 34-fl oz (1.0-L).
  • Pump and Soap Delivery System — A plastic Gear Pump submerged in the bottom of the Bottle, pumps the liquid soap through a vinyl tube to spout.
  • Bottom Housing — Water resistant, ABS plastic housing attached to the bottom of the Bottle, houses the PC Board, motor that drives the Gear Pump, and the Gear Pump Housing. It includes a Portion Control Knob, Flush Button to allow for system cleaning and maintenance, a connector for the Fiber Optic cables, and Power Port.
  • Electronic Activation/Indication System — Pair of plastic Fiber Optic cables connects the plastic Activation Lenses to an IR Sensor located on a PC Board in the Bottom Housing. A third plastic Fiber Optic cable connects an LED located on the PC Board to an acrylic Lens at the tip of the Spout; a solid green LED indicates dispense activity and a red blinking LED light indicates low battery life. All three cables are Integrated into one Fiber Optic Connector Tip for ease of installation.
  • Battery Pack — Water-resistant, plastic material holds 4 Alkaline “D” Cell Batteries (not included). ANSI-134A, IEC-LR20 Designation, which includes most standard battery manufacturer’s D-Batteries.

Designers Note:
New installation – Ensure mounting hole is 1-3/8” (35mm) in diameter. Refer to installation instruction with mounting template link below.

Existing/Retrofit – Ensure mounting hole is 1-3/8” (35mm) in diameter, if necessary, enlarge opening using appropriate hole saw. Refer to installation instruction with mounting template link below.

Accessory Options:

Product Specs: