Amtrol 140N43 - ST-5 Therm-X-Trol Water Heater Expansion Tank 2 Gallons | Plumbing Hub Canada

Amtrol 140N43 - ST-5 Therm-X-Trol 2 Gallons Water Heater Expansion Tank

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Amtrol 140N43 - ST-5 Therm-X-Trol Water Heater Expansion Tank 2 Gallons.

Amtrol ST-5 (Therm-X-Trol) is a water heater expansion tank, designed for use in domestic hot water heating systems to eliminate the potential hazards of water expansion. Water heater expansion tank is commonly installed in a domestic hot water system that contains a backflow preventer, a check valve or a pressure reducing valve.

Product Features:

  • Eliminates the waste of energy and water, thus saving money.
  • Protects the water heater and plumbing fixtures from premature failure.
  • Reduces potential safety hazards associated with thermal expansion.
  • Prevents a dangerous pressure build-up in the system.
  • Prevents the relief valve from going off.
  • Therm-X-Trol brand is the #1 choice of Professional Installers.
  • SKU: Amtrol ST-5.
  • Part: 140N43

Product Specs:

Tank Volume: 2 Gallons
Max Accept. Factor: 0.45
Diameter (Inches): 8"
Height: 12-5/6"
Warranty: 7-Year
Weight (lbs): 5 lbs
Connection Size: 3/4"
Material: Steel
Max Pressure (PSI): 150
Temperature Range (F): 200°F MAX