Collection: Watts Expansion Tanks

We carry Watts Thermal Expansion Tanks for both Potable Water and Non-Potable Water Application. When water is heated, it expands due to a phenomenon known as thermal expansion. Expansion tanks are designed to safely absorb the excess water created and prevent relief valves from triggering. We offer a range of expansion tanks for potable and non-potable applications.

The Watts Potable Expansion Tanks ranges from the  PLT-5, PLT-12, PLT-20, PLT-35 and many more.

The Watts ASME Approved Potable Water Series Expansion Tanks Ranges from the DETA-5, DETA-12, DETA-20, DETA-30, DETA-42, DETA-60, DETA-80, DETA-100, DETA-125, DETA-160, DETA-180, DETA-210

The Watts Non-Potable Expansion Tanks Series Ranges from EXT-15, ETX-30, ETX-60, ETX-90 and many more

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